female sexual desire and the rage of hormones

I’m talking to my gaggle of girlfriends, or out with the cool group of spinmamas the new "red hat society" for women in their 30’s and 40’s, and of course, the conversation turns to sex. Women approaching 40 seem to go one of two ways.  Either their sex drive increases (guess which way mine is going…), or decreases and sex becomes a chore on the list of things to do.

I’ve spoken to a number of men in the last week, whose wives hate sex. They lie back, look at the ceiling (or over their shoulder at the TV), zone out, or avoid it at all costs. These men are feeling rejected, frustrated, and are looking for solutions.  The option of continuing the same way has become intolerable.  These men love their wives, but have basic needs that aren’t getting met.

So if they don’t want to break up families, what are they to do? Mistress?  There is the difficulty in finding one. Escorts?  Ewww, rushed, legal issues, one of many, cleanliness and disease, ethics, ect.  Bars on business trips? Same problem -complications, disease, time in finding an outlet. So, I’m trying to ponder a solution. Mistress for rent?  Sex while you wait?  Toys?

I don’t know, all I hear is that thie is cruel and unusual punishment for kind and loving guys. There’s got to be a solution and I’m going to look for it. Think of the stories that will come out of that service…