Sex Therapy and Counseling by phone or skype

Why seeing a sex therapist by phone or Zoom really works
I love doing Zoom or phone therapy. I get to talk to people all over the world. People are often surprised at how many of my clients are in obscure spots all over the globe. If you need to speak to a therapist and you are far away from everywhere, phone counseling is brilliant. It just makes sense, and given the technology that you can “see” your therapist from no matter where you happen to be physically located, it is efficient and economical. I have done skype session from the Orlando airport, from a Jamaican hotel room and in the middle of a snowstorm. I have had clients in fishing villages in Alaska, on sailing boats in the China Sea, and in the Outback of Australia with bird calls in the background. I have a high quality camera so you can make absolute eye contact and see every nuance as our appointment plays out. Or, you can feel safe and comfortable in your pajamas in bed while just speaking to me.
For individuals who have anxiety, are on the other side of town, small kids at home, or have challenging work schedules remote therapy really works. You can be safe, discreet and absolutely private.
Here’s what happens. You text me, email or call and we arrange a time to speak. You either make a payment through my website or call me and I’ll process your credit card on the phone. I will electronically send you a receipt that you may be able to your insurance company for reimbursement. Then we spend some very quality time looking for the solutions to your issues. I’m here to help. I care and I can make a difference quickly. Try one session and let’s see if we can get you back on track. If you need more time we can arrange a regular appointment.

Sex and relationship counseling works best with absolute privacy. It’s what you can get when you are calling from a secure, private location. It’s about you feeling safe and comfortable. Whatever you want to talk about it fine with me. I’ve been a therapist for over 20 years and you won’t shock me. If a concern is on your mind, it’s okay for you to bring it up. Don’t be nervous. I have your back on this. I can’t wait to speak with you.
Buy a session now! The rate is $125 per 55 minute session. 30 minute sessions are also available. I’ll get right back to you with an appointment today. Receipts are only available for income tax purposes- not for extended health benefits.
$125 plus HST

Please book directly on my calendar

Reasons Why Remote Therapy Is Good for Busy People
For busy people who are rushing around, relationships can be hard work. But sex should not be an area that causes you, or your partner any stress, even if you are super busy. Sex therapy can be a really great tool to help you, or your partner to overcome sexual dysfunctions by treating the underlying sex and relationship issues.
However, if you get a little freaked out by the idea of face to face sex therapy, or just don’t have the time to see a therapist in person, then it may seem like sexual dysfunction is something you are just going to have to put up with. But thanks to remote sex therapy, putting up with your problems doesn’t have to be the only option. As a therapist, I help individuals and couples deal with sex questions and challenges, but also with the relationship landmines of infidelity, finding partners, intimacy, low libido and difficulties communicating. And I do that all over the world every week. Here are a few reasons why remote therapy is good for busy people:

Easily Get Questions Answered

With remote therapy, you do not have to wait weeks until the counselor has a free appointment for you to go and speak with them about sex related issues such as premature ejaculation. Instead, you can just email the counselor with your questions, and can expect a reply within a few hours- a really easy option for super busy people who don’t have time to chat.

Alternatively, if you would rather speak with the counselor yourself, and have a little time free to do so, then with remote therapy you should be able to book a 30 minute phone call, or Skype conversation easily, as and when questions arise, and get peace of mind quickly and easily.


A big factor preventing many people from seeking help with their sex lives is that they are embarrassed to speak with a person face to face. Remote therapy provides a solution to this issue, as there is no need for you to go and see a counselor yourself. Instead, you can complete all therapy virtually, either via email or with phone calls. I have a high quality camera and you can always see me and know my authenticity. I am fine for you to be anonymous, or to just be a voice on the end of the phone.


Getting help for sexual dysfunctions from a licensed sexual therapist can be pretty pricey, and for someone who is super busy, the extra cost can be enough to put them off of making time to see the counselor. However, remote therapy is faster and I do offer 30-minute sessions. The reality of skype and phone therapy is that we focus on solutions and how to get you on with your life as quickly as possible.

It's So Much Easier

Without having to drive somewhere in bad weather or horrific traffic you are always able to be on time and you know the session is going to happen. It can also be difficult coordinating partners’ schedules during the day and you may have kid duties in the evening. An evening Skype appointment allows both partners to be home and still be online together. Or if you are located where a sex and relationship therapist is far away or travel regularly and would have to cancel appointments, a face and voice on your phone anywhere is convenient and warm. I really care, and I specialize in making sure I offer great solutions that are affordable, effective, and personal.

To conclude, suffering from sexual dysfunctions, low libido or relationship issues can put a real strain on a relationship that can be hard to overcome alone. Sometimes seeing a sexual therapist is the only real solution. However sometimes it is just not possible to see a therapist in person, especially for busy people. Talking remotely with me for individual counseling may be the best option for a permanent solution.