How does counseling work? What’s the difference between sex and relationship therapy?

What kind of counseling is best for me?

We live in a modern, open, and apparently liberated era of free expression. We need to wonder then, why sex remains on the list of taboo topics when it comes to honest, public discussion. Unfortunately, the carnal barriers put up by past generations continue to have a major impact on how we view sex, as well as its essential importance to individual health. Many of us continue to be uptight, inhibited and frustrated when it comes to our sexual lives. In my opinion, good counseling means focused, solution based, and performed with a treatment plan that has an end goal in sight. Yes, you can vent about what’s going on in your life, but it’s my job to help you get to the end goal.

Your seemingly unyielding limitations are precisely what I strive to knock down. Through individual or couples in-person, phone, or Skype sessions, we will trouble shoot, and problem solve to get to the root of your specific sex-related issue.

Sensitive topics can be broached easily, and with confidence that there will be no judging on personal preferences. These “forbidden” subjects include, but are not limited to:

– Premature Ejaculation
– Erectile Dysfunction
– Low Libido and Sex Drive
– Differing Sexual Appetites
– Absence of Sex Within a Marriage/Relationship
– Sexual Preferences and Practices
– Issues Regarding Sexual Orientation
– Sexual Fetish
– Infidelity
– Keeping it Hot/Lifestyle/Swinging
– Being better in bed

I’m located in a private setting with ample parking in the west end near the Ottawa River. You sit on the couch, we have a cup of tea and discuss what’s going on with you. My job is to make you feel welcome and relaxed. And then it’s up to us to come up with therapeutic goals and have a plan for solving the problem. This kind of therapy is not about lying on the couch and talking about where your mom went wrong.

I take confidentiality very seriously. The focus is the common goal of finding solutions that will allow you to live an emotionally and physically comfortable and satisfying life, both between the sheets and in the streets. Although there is no set prescription for how long therapy takes to complete (remember there is no one size fits all), the average number of appointments are between six and eight visits.

I use a Clinical talk therapy approach, along with a knowledge of reproductive medicine and bio-identical hormones. Other effective tools of treatment included Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP ( and sexual hypnosis.

Send me an etransfer to One hour sessions are $125 plus HST or $140

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