They say sex drives technology, or is it the other way around?

Eomcover_1 I have the hots for Andy Kessler. Not that I’ve ever met him, and the back flap picture I’m sure doesn’t do him justice, but his writing is smart, funny, incredibly astute, and articulate. Something I find sexy every time in a man.  I’m sure he also has that boyish charm thing going on as well.   Hear that Andy? This sex therapist thinks you’re sexy.

I’m reading his book about the end of medicine.let me know if you find a better picture…:)  His line about "how technology will do to doctors what ATM’s have done to bank tellers" sums it up brilliantly.  He’s looking for a scalable way to use imaging, nanotechnology, or Star Teck tricorders, to look inside the body and prevent your own personal big bang -way in advance.  He’s an investment banker and engineer (don’t hold that against him, the boy can write), and he’s looking for the health/medical dot com equivalent for which to invest his mad money.

I see patients every day with clogged blood vessels to their penises, (small blood vessels, remember it’s all that nasty plaque that is keeping Mr. Happy down), and beyond Viagra, Cialis and Levetra (what your doctor reccomends), and surgery (what your urologist usually endorses), I’m left generating alternative solutions to keep those guys boffing. I think the technology -be it pumps, rings, toys, gagets, herbs whatever- are going to find a way to all those deflated, but still willing penises, but I too keep looking for the Holy Grail of sex solutions.

I also love his blog. I’m wetting myself about his media, web 2.0 description   I’ve long been defining media as controlling the pipes, (really, I said it first), since the days when I wrote and got the national broadcast licence for Passion TV, a government regulated digital TV channel meant to play cool sex programming like HBO’s Real Sex, and those fun Sammy Sperm documentaries all day long.  Hell, I would have been able to run all Sue content all the time (oh yes, I want to be a media mogul – me me, and more me), but got beat up by the big boys in television when they saw it would be successful. It was my Mr. Burns moment, I could have been a feminist Hugh Heffner. sigh.  A story about bad big business for another day, but have a look at what Andy says about controlling access to new content. For people who like to blog (and the 4 or 5 of you how may actually read mine), his argument is the bomb.

I read a business book a week. I can’t remember the last one I not only thought was super smart, but made me laugh out loud too. Hey Andy, do you want to come over and see my etchings?