Being flashed by men in their 80's

Men2 I know I’ve been missing in action.  Busy getting ready for the holidays, organizing choas, blah,blah blah, but most significantly has been an interesting crop of new patients.
I’m gettting more and more patients in their senior years. They still have the urge, when asked, most of them felt that they would like sex at least daily if they could find a willing partner. In their 70’s and 80’s. yeah It turns out that we all want to have sex until they take us away in a box.
I had an interesting experience this week, when one of my 80 year old erectile dysfunction patients (hey, they’re not all impotent, it’s just way more prevelant than say, premature ejaculation) decided to flash me in my office.  Uncircumcised, and without the “shaving private Ryan” experience, I realized that despite his aging issues, he still thought of himself as virile and attractive. Okay, it looked a bit like a small sausage, but he was obviously still proud of his equipment.  Needed to show it off.  I consider it an occupational hazard.
When I’m 80, I want to be interested in flashing someone half my age and making it count. As long as you use it as often as possible, watch the cholesteral, and do those keegal exercise (clench your bum and internal muscles while you are sitting there), you should still have both the desire and equipment to keep up that boffing into old age. Here’s to aging while still getting it on.