How to duct take your willy

Duct_tape_2 Duct_tape So another story this week from a new premature ejaculator.  I was asking if he was circumcised, and he mentioned that he was, along with baby smooth all over. I asked in passing is he waxed or lasered (all the rage for cleaning up the shaft), and he said, "no, I duct tape myself."  oh?!, tell me more….

Apparently, he felt he couldn’t get someone else to clean up all that hair, so decided to take it on himself.  He uses duct tape (one of it’s million uses, not outlined on the Red Green show), to pull the hair out of the shaft a la waxing.  He said you get used to the pain, and now he only has to do it once a month, but is incredibly smooth.  He offered to show it to me, and I must admit to being tempted.  in the name of scientific, sexuality education of course. So, if you try this at home folks, please let me know.