Free Sex, and the lure of seeing someone's body parts in High Definition

Cybersex3 I’m such a geek.
I love cool technology, everything from the slick ipod’s to the die in the wool old style vibrators. I love how gadgets make my life richer. Especially ones with batteries included. I was reading today about the evolution in the Ivibe rabbits. Think of new personalized pink, purple, and blue beaded toys (like the famous original) that vibrate to a wireless frequency that your partner alone programs, and can attach to a cell phone to be turn on from a distance. Your long distance lover could turn it on, control the speed, turn the frequency up to eleven, and have you screaming, and writhing in no time.
I was biting my lip at the very thought of it.
I was thinking about the benefits of technology, as I was playing with  a couple of newly purchased webcams tonight. Between that and skype, (free online long distance)they are far, far more personal than a typical telephone call. And much more fun. I didn’t break down and buy the more expensive HD type- all the rage with amateur porn stars  (or so I read), but the price point is climbing below $200 and dropping rapidly. Fooling around with the test ones in the store,  the possibilities in high def are cool, and you can really can see everything (I mean everything) in living, crystal-clear color.
In an article published last month by Canada Newswire spoke of the new revolution in brothels, using HD, especially out of Eastern Europe. The Madam’s are using this technology, along with some simple streaming where you can watch your favorite hooker having sex with men for a low monthly fee as if you were a fly on the wall. And the catch for the men visiting these specific “red light” venues is that the services are free. Yes, a free boff. You just have to sign a waver saying that you agree to be broadcast to an audience of members all critiquing your performance and equipment.
They are lined up to get in. Free sex, a chance to exhibit to the masses, and a good use of technology.  Think of the fame. I’m tempted to sign up for a month just for the curiosity factor. The sex therapist checking out the technique of Ukrainian brothel goers. It sounds like a novel thesis topic for some budding (and perverted) sex researcher.Cybersex2 It’s a good thing I don’t know any. Smile.