Sue's Amazing, Sex Technique Seminar

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I think everyone secretly fears that their "A" game of sex is mediocre. You think you’re good, and all the 19 year old guys I meet are certain that they know everything about doing the nasty, but sometimes you are worried that you just don’t have the moves.  At the recent Sexapalooza trade show I saw participants stand five deep to get the latest insight into flogging, Gspot orgasms, swinging and sex toys.  I had a countless number of people side up to me quietly and say.."Sue, I’m not sure about…, I want to know more about doing…, and could you teach me about… that I left the show feeling like there was an unserviced need for practical sex education. Not the kind you get when you go to a brothel, but clear, direct information about improving your sexual technique. So with Valentine’s Day coming next week, I thought putting on a skills seminar was in order.

So this year instead of the usual chocolates or lingerie, try Sue’s Amazing, Sex Skills Seminar happening in Ottawa, Saturday, April 19th.  Complete with a decadent fondue, snacks, samples, and toys, this is an afternoon for lovers to get better in bed without paying the usual sex therapy rates. A mere $60 an individual, and $100 a couple, this seminar will be the advanced education you wished somebody showed you in College before you got turned away at the bedroom door.  Be all you can be, and more. Check out the flyer (email me for details and give the gift this year, that will definitely last much, much longer than a few wilted flowers.  See you there.