Everybody, and I mean everybody has something going on with them sexually.

So I finished Naked Conversations (the cool new Isreal and Scoble book) and they said that technology has experimented and initiated all the new ways (I have already loaned it out or I would quote the passage directly).
“Anyway, I want to add that I think it’s sex, not IT that has caused most of the new technologies to be developed and perfected.  Everything from the VCR, satellite TV, webcams, virtual reality, man the whole web is still about sex.”
If I haven’t mentioned it before, sex is the second most powerful drive in the human body after food. What’s amazing to me is that so many people seem so hung up on it.   I want to take out a bus ad that says, Relax, it’s only sex. So we rub our genitals together?  So what? If it’s safe and consensual, to quote Martha Stewart “it’s a good thing”. I had a bunch of questions from my radio show of people feeling really different and isolated.  The longer I’m a sex therapist the more I know that everyone, is uncomfortable about some of their sexual feelings, and thinks their a bit weird, or that they are somehow wrong for liking it too much, or liking it not enough.  Anyway, my thought this morning reading my mail, is you are all okay, and be a little gentle with yourselves.
The longer I’m a Sex Therapist the more that I know that everyone (and I mean everyone) has something sexual going on. Even if you are asexual or don’t want sex at all you have a thing. And it’s okay. You aren’t a mutant.
Feeling the Love, Sue