Duckling Dating has launched! A new kind of dating phenomenon.

Duckling Dating has launched!
It has been two years in development, including some bad words at the low points, yet an incredible team pulled it out to deliver the first edition of Duckling dating. Register & if you are a member you will be approved to set up a profile & navigate the site. Let the celebration begin! We are going to have a 30 minute “how to navigate the new dating site” by Zoom this Monday, January 19th at 6:30 pm for 30 minutes.
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What’s different about Duck dating you might ask?
First it only for paid Duckling members only. That means for less than a tank of gas annually ($50/year) you get a dating membership, access to all of our 4 & 5 duck events, the big Dropbox of sex books & erotica,  toy testing access, & FREE sex- ed with videos including prostate massage, dominatrix training & more. As well as being part of the kindest, most amazing community anywhere. Many dating sites are over $500/year alone.
With only Ducks allowed, our new dating site is private, vetted, local, with like-minded people. It’s all about authenticity. Fun questions about your passions, dreams, & what’s fun about you -and less about intrusive questions.  It’s also open for all kinds of relationship models & duck colours so you don’t have to fit into a box. Poly, kinky, traditional, bi, couples, swingers. hot wives, unicorns etc. all have a place in Duck dating.
Once Covid is over you will be able to blend our amazing online dating site with in-person events. This is a new way of connecting both online & offline.