A new kind of Dating.

Here’s an article on the vision behind the site and why it isn’t just another dating site.
Let’s face it – no one really likes the online dating experience. Sure, a lot of people eventually find their match. But meeting that person requires sorting through a parade of fake accounts, scammers and people who get away with all manner of bad behaviour due to the anonymity these sites provide.  The thing that dating sites do best is make money for their owners.
There’s a better way for adults to find each other, and that’s the purpose behind Ducklings Dating.
It is our members’ online link to connect with other Ducklings for dating, friendship…or your own definition of “whatever”.  Safe and inclusive, people are vetted because they are members of our Duckling community – there are no Nigerian Princes or bikini-clad Instagram fakes looking to scam you. Just real people who have been accepted into the Ducklings looking to connect with compatible adults in a safe environment.
Don’t think of it as another Internet dating site. It isn’t. This is the exclusive Duckling-only online community, where you can find Ducklings who match your interests and continue conversations started at our events, or begin to make new connections.  Think of Ducklings events and the online experience like a pub – sure, there may be a couple making out in the corner and some playful flashing, but these are real people who respond to conversation and people ready for a real connection.
And let’s face it – as tricky as it can be to navigate traditional online dating, it is even more difficult when you’re looking for something non-traditional or adventurous.
Many Ducklings love their 3-5 Duckling events, and with good reason. Try talking to your traditional online dating match about Duckling shenanigans (or swinging or nudism or poly or bdsm or ??), and nine times out of ten you’ll be pigeon-holed, and either rejected or viewed as “just for fun”.
Of course, there are places online where hardcore fetishists, and swingers can be found on various niche websites.  Some are rather extreme, and many are hugely expensive to join and rife with fraudsters. None have their roots in a safe real-world community like The Ducklings.
DucklingDating.com is nearing completion. Duckling profiles will be upfront about who the person is, and the type of connections they are open to. Profiles will be fun and will be set up to tell more about the person than whether they like to walk on the beach.  You’ll be able to share as much or as little as you like with photos and in private messaging – all safe and secure. The good behaviour that’s the norm for Duckling live events will be enforced online – and we know that good things come to people who play nice.
We are fun, flirty, safe, educational and inclusive. We are The Ducklings, and now we have a new way to connect to each other, the events we love, and the relationships we want to explore along the way.
Join Duckling Dating and find out for yourself!