Why your rapid or premature ejaculation may be your dad's fault, or linked to your sense of smell

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Pe9 The most common problem I see daily in my sex therapy practice, without a doubt is men struggling to last longer in bed. With an average duration of seven minutes, and many guys lasting only one -two, there are a bunch of women frustrated at how short the whole process is. With most women needed 10-12 minutes of rubbing (with their clit involved) to reach orgasm vaginally – if they can at all well… you do the math.
I keep telling guys that if we can put men on the moon, “then for God’s sakes we should be able to get them to last longer in bed”.
Besides doing some cool research with all the new devices on the market (my patients give me clear feedback on what works), there are some interesting studies that is suggesting that premature ejaculation may be genetic. They found a gene for ejaculation control when scientists mapped out the genome and you may be able to blame your dad and grandfather and base DNA for being a little quick off the mark. The other thing that’s come up lately in sex research is that the smell of your partner at her fertile or ovulating times of the month may set you off faster. Women ovulate about 14 days before the start of their next period, and are more sexual, have friendlier vaginal mucus and smell more appealing to the primitive, limbic part of your brain. Even if you don’t notice it consciously. All the stripper claim that they get more attention (and bigger tips) during their periods, and when they are ovulating.
“Recent research has also investigated the role of factors involving the female partner. One study of young married couples (Tullberg, 1999) reported that the husband’s IELT seems to be affected by the phases of the wife’s menstrual cycle, the IELT tending to be shortest during the fertile phase. Other studies suggest that young men with older female partners reach the ejaculatory threshold sooner, on average, than those whose partners are their own age or younger
So the moral of the story- until you get your premature ejaculation under control (www.solveprematureejaculation.net), feel free to blame your ancestors, or 100 million years of evolution on your tendency to be a fast shooter.