what to do when things get itchy 2

Yeast_1 My e-mail last night was about the dreaded yeast infection! gasp!  The Horror!!!  the sticky, squooshy parts….  You know, Dear Sue, I’ve got that itchy, cottage cheese like discharge (hope you’re not eating…),
The Quick Fix
Barring those stupid television commercials would be a help, and giving women information on preventing and managing those infections would be a public service.  Women mainly get yeast infections in the deflated balloon known as the vagina, and men get it in their sinuses, especially if they have oral sex.  Think about it, it’s a warm, dark place for the yeast to inhabit.  If you’re a guy who is going down on a woman (and if you’re not, you need to remedy that immediately, and with enthusiasm) you may be transferring yeast back and forth.
Think about it. It’s men’s empty (well sort of) cavity, and if guys have had too much antibiotics, their internal chemistry gets out of whack. It’s  fixable, but like women’s you need the facts and a quick trip to the grocery or health food store.
The yeast and the bacteria in your body keep a happy balance.  When you use too much antibiotics, it wipes out all of the good balancing bacteria, and the yeast take over the planet. Put back the healthy bacteria and give things a good flush and voila! itchy is gone, you don’t need to spend money on going to the pharmacy, just to get another infection a week later.
Healthy bacteria is the stuff in yogurt.  Eating yogurt is good, but you would have to eat a vat of the damn stuff to give you the immediate results.  Start taking some handfuls of the lacto or acidobacillus capsules (anything in the bacillus family) in the fridge of your health food store, and for prevention, get used to taking some everyday like a vitamin C capsule.  Having daily orgasms through masturbation is the best way to flush the vagina (sneezing is the best way to clean the vagina cavity), and you should be right as rain within the next four days…
I also use liquid chlorophyll in my water to put my PH back to normal. I call it plant blood. Any good health food store will have it and it really works.
Oh and the apple cider vinegar. I have an ebook that I can send you about helping with yeast infections if you want to write me.
And if you aren’t sure that’s the problem and want to talk to me about expanding your sexual repertoire I can see you by phone or skype for a quick consultation. Reach out to me now and let’s get you fixed.