The Accidental Virgin -maybe a recreated hymen?

I was reading this summer chick lit book at the cottage while my kids ran aound bugging each other.  It was called The Accidental Virgin by Valerie Frankel pink romance novel given to my by my almost sister in law.  Cute story, made me laugh in a few places, and she gets one of the guys in the end. Accidental_virgin

Anyway, the premise is this woman has been almost a year without sex. If she goes the full year, you become this born-again virgin.  The book is her story to get laid and thwart this title. You can tell it’s fiction because all an attractive woman has to do to get laid is make eye contact to any guy at a bar, but that’s a blog for another day.

"the new trand is to stop having sex with men. Go a full year without sex, and you become a (theoretical) virgin again. Your sins are washed away clean.  Three hundred and sixty-five days of unswept ashes, and it will be like you didn’t screw the entire football team in high school.  You’re as fresh and innocent as a week-old kitten. "Sex is a distraction and a nuisance.  Without it I can get my work done, and have energy left over to knit mohair sweaters…"

What do you think?  It doesn’t recreate your hymen so are you a new virgin after a year? I know there are lots of women who can’t be bothered to have sex, but I don’t think its for the goal of recreating something in the past (in my case, the long past).  I love the story of losing my virginity, and God knows I couldn’t give up sex for a year.  Anyway, I thought it was an interesting idea.  Let me know what you think….