Pioneer sex – can you do it with mosquitos buzzing around?

Amish  PBS television (viewed in Canada on HGTV) is running a reality series where two couples live off the land with no technology a la pioneers for an entire year. This is not 39 days in a hot climate with sexy people like Survivor, no this is building a cabin, sleeping with your pig, in Manitoba, home of more mosquitos per capita than anyother place in Canada or maybe the world.  I’ve been to Manitoba, and I had mosquitos in my hotel room in downtown Winnipeg-  in September!!@  These reality show couples complained about mosquito bites they got on their ass every time they went pee, and how couldn’t leave the tent after dusk to go for a leak because the bugs were just that bad. The episode I saw was after living together in a tent for 2 months, the two couples finally had their own space and were going to get to have sex for the first time in months! 

They couldn’t have sex outside (for the aforementioned reasons not to mention the cameras), but it struck me as me as somewhat less than idealic lovemaking conditions. I used to say that before the turn of the 20th century when we didnt have elecric light, the thing most adults did after dark was sleep, nurse babies and boff.  I thought it much more romantic that you had way, way more time for sex.  But now after seeing this "reality" (great show check out the linkthis is really reality) I’ve thinking that technology, DEET, vibrators, and those electronic bug zappers may be sexier after all.

Just a thought.