The aphrodisiac qualities of girl guide cookies

Girl_guide I was in the school yard yesterday after school watching my six year old daughter unload a crate of girl guide cookies to the mothers standing around. She’s a "Spark" (not even old enough to be a brownie), but she’s fearless, and has no problem peddling her wares. One of the Mothers (who purchased five boxes) remarked that she was now guaranteed sex over the next few weeks. Her husband as it turns out, finds comfort foods a huge turn on, and girl guide cookies (which hey have been selling since 1927) is in the top five.  He apparently turns into a sex fiend after he eats them, which is why he can’t bring them to work. You should have seen her smile as she was digging out all the money she had to purchase these magic cookies.

Foods, like chocolate chip cookies, bread, or apple pie baking — fill our minds with visions of favorite foods as they tantalize our taste buds with anticipation. Scents can also bring back memories or feelings from pleasurable past experiences associated with that food.Research being done by Dr. Alan Hirsch at the Smell and Taste Treatment and taste Research foundation in Chicago shows that the aromas and flavors that have been shown to increase a love response is both vanilla and chocolate. Duh!

Girlguide I also wondered if it has anything to do with adolescent male fantasies about the girl guides they knew in their youth. I always ask patients about the best sex of their lives when I am doing a sexual history, and had one patient who claimed that sex with an old girlfriend dressed in the tight, guide uniform that her mother had saved, was the hottest and most memorable of his life.  Something to think about next Halloween, when you are looking for a costume that gets you some attention.