Am I the only one who thinks playoff beards are hot?

Beards I’ve been watching more hockey lately. ast night it was the Philidelphia and Washington game (Philly 4-3 in double overtime). Which despite being the good Canadian girl that I am, atching hockey and turning into a hockey fan is a new thing for me. I always know Monday Night Football usually meant sex at halftime (the fastest three minutes in football), but now I’m getting it after the hockey games. I realized hockey acts like foreplay for me. I get to snuggle up with my love who is an avid fan, increase our testosterone level (as watching sports is supposed to do), and I get to see fit men sporting lots of facial hair. At least at this time of year. You may not know this (as I only found out last night) that professional athletes stop shaving and don’t start again until they are eliminated from contention. Which for those of us who think beards are sexy, is a very good thing. I realized that is why I watched the Stanley Cup Playoffs last year with the now golfing Ottawa Senators and that team that Scott Beards1 Neidermayer (that hotty) captains from California. There was something about a 35 year old BC raised environmentalist that captured my imagination (shown without the beard sadly in this picture). It’s the time of year when baby-faced 19 year old hockey playing rookies, actually look like real men. Out of control beards (a la crazy bush only scruffier), make the hockey playoff very interesting. And if you can get sex between the periods (provided Don Cherry doesn’t come on and completely spoil the mood), it makes for a very entertaining evening. Something to think about if your guy is watching the playoffs tonight. smile.Beard2