The P Spot or "Bend over Boyfriend"

Prostate The P Spot

One of the things my friend Kerrie said she would wish for if she ever happened to trip over a lamp and be granted three wishes, would be to have some genie turn her an fantastic lover.  When I did an informal survey at a dinner party I was attending, most people concurred and voiced their not-so-secret desire to be known as “great in bed”.  Secret tips on how to “drive your man wild in bed” are still the most common titles on popular selling women’s magazines. Everyone it seems, wants to know the one secret that will give you the edge, and turn anyone you’re sleeping with into a quivering mass of jell-o.  Who doesn’t want to find out about those magical places on their partners body that when gently touched, makes then go weak in the knees.   Like most women I start purring when my ear is nibbled but I digress here.  We all want to push the button and turn on our lovers.   But of all the places and erogenous zones on the human body, none are more interesting nor elusive than the mysterious P Spot.

The P Spot is the male equivalent of the female G-spot.  Located internally as part of the prostate gland in the lower rectum, the P Spot is sometimes tricky to access, but from every account I’ve ever heard of men who’ve reached  P Spot orgasms, the resulting pleasure is well worth the effort.    So what is the P Spot, how is it associated with the prostate,  and where do the orgasms come in ?  Here’s the skinny so you can be in the know when you compare your sexual prowess with that of your neighbors.

The prostate gland is the size of a chestnut, and it surrounds the urethra and vas defrens  like a donut,  and is located close to the bottom muscle of the bladder.  It’s made up of muscle, nerves, blood vessels and fat mixed in with a large amount of fluid secreting glandular cells.  It is these cells that make up most of the fluid that is semen.  That “loving spoonful” that men produce upon ejaculation.  This is an area rich with blood and nerves and is tender to the touch (as anyone who has experienced the gloved, rectal exam can attest). These nerve ending cluster in the same place as the G-spot in women, and with these nerves all resonating in and around the genitals, it is understandable why, with a little experience and the right touch, stimulation in this area feels great.  It is also proven that men with prostate stimulation do ejaculate.  In fact, getting a sperm sample from men with spinal cord injuries and parapeligia requires inserting a small thumbnail size vibrator into the rectum and turning it on.  The vibration causes ejaculation every time, showing that orgasms can result from a different set of stimuli from the penis.

So how do you translate this information into a mind blowing orgasms for your sweetie? First you’ve got to develop an understanding of the anatomy.  The prostate lie directly over the perinium, the space between the anus and the back of the testicles.  If you or your partner are squeemish about your playing proctologist and exploring the neither regions of his lower rectum, then the good news is that you can stimulate this spot by applying pressure to this area outside of the body.  Just find that middle point and along that inch and a half space behind his testicles and press firmly with your thumb.  It would help the process considerably, if you happen to play with his penis before, during and after you go for the serious accupressure  on his perinium.  This isn’t true P- Spot stimulation, but it creates enough prostate action to enhance the experience.P_spot