The adventures of the stripping magician. If only I thought of it.. or had a body like that.,,, ,

 StripWe had dinner with an old friend and his wife this week. Elliott the magician (who will be inducted into the order of Merlin this year) came over to get caught up socially and show us a new magic trick. Always dazzling, conversation drifted to the art of entertainment, and he mentioned the Just for laughs performance of the "stripping slight-of-hand performer." Blaik already knew about it (I can always trust him to source out the nudist adventures. smile)  Anyway, its a sexy video of a woman who keeps losing her little red handkerchief in her clothing. Of course the clothes need to come off to find out where it might be lost. Funny, talented stripping burlesque. It made me smile, and got the hats off by at least a couple of connoisseurs.