Do you think Michelle Obama is as uber cool as I do?

Michelle1 When I grow up I want to be like Michelle Obama. Okay, maybe she's only a few years older than I am, and has kids exactly the same age as mine, but to me, she exemplifies poise, serenity and that black booty that seems so interesting to men. Fit, beautiful, grounded, brilliant, connected to her husband and kids, Michelle kicks ass. This month's Chatelaine magazine says "Isn't it interesting that in the epicentre of world power Washington DC (since politics is just show biz with worse looking people), we have a model of healthy living in the White House, a high-functioning nuclear family straight out of a storybook, with Michelle at the helm – strong, confident, self assured."  And as Zoe Williams observed in the New Statesman, "You rarely see feminism more confused than it is around a woman who's an intellectual but also hot." Is it simply that an attractive woman with a stellar brain is more power than our society can handle?

I think she's just so interesting, a fabulous body, a great marriage and Harvard educated to boot. She's not afraid to show the world she has a relationship that burns up the sheets, and she and Barak seem connected, intimate and playful when together. When was the last time you called a politician's relationship "playful?"  She's slim, but isn't the Jackie O, Nancy Regan anorexic type, and carries her weight on her ass. It's that universal and primitive shape that make most men go WOW. I know that I want to be more like her when I grow up. Smile.  Michelle,,,,