Seduction bomb

Shag As defined by Webster’s, Seduction is the process of deliberately enticing another person into an act (see motivation). The word can have a negative connotation, either seriously or mildly (and also used jokingly), and may refer to an act that the other may later regret and/or would normally not want to do.
On last night’s show we discussed the process for becoming a “player” or having women fall at your feet. The book, The Game, (which I looked for at Chapters today, and couldn’t find…) and Mystery the infamous pick up artist find out about the book, and you too, can pick up women in bars  it seems that the men who listen to my show (smart, amazing listeners that they are) were quite interested in the process.  Hear the conversation about it with this podcast.
Dress funny, play hard to get, and reel them in.  Dating 101 coaching, and it’s all here.  So stay tuned to more on this after I actually read the book. Feedback welcome… Pickup artist, not just an 80’s movie anymore.Pickup_movie