And your Mother won't find it in your sock drawer

Happy Easter. There are lots of sex topics that work with major holidays, but Ester usually isn’t opn of them. For wome chocolates are always a good choice, because it puts us in the mood. Not just because it contains phenelethamine (sp?), but the sugar, caffeine and combination of other magic things we love can take us from hom hum, to "do me babe" in a short period of time. ChocolateI have a friend that says you give a woman flowers in public, but choclate in private.  You’ll likely get some action, trust me.

The other must have thing for Easter is one of my 10 sexy must have things, known as the vibro egg.  The perfect Easter gift, under $20, comes in different colors, easy to hold (that universal shape), vibrates like mad, great inside, outside, around the head of the penis or back of the testicles, nipples, or where ever needs a little stimulation. It has the added benefiit of not looking like a sex toy if your mom happens to find it in your sock drawer….Vibro_egg2