Keeping the spark alive part 2. 10 tips of great marriages

The theme of Love and Lipstick is all about great relationships. We came up with a few lists of what makes one of these almost elusive "magical marraige".
Here was the list I generated:
1. Having laugh-out loud humour. Certainly the Ruetger's University study suggests a sense of humour will carry you through.
2. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We have a fridge magnet that I see every day that says "life begins at the end of your comfort zone".
3. Unemcumbered time. Do nothing but talk, walk on the beach, rub the other's feet, and just connect.
4. Make sure your life has sensuous, erotic and intimate moments. That doesn't always mean sex, but that does mean adult, alone, let's be slightly naughty.
5. Fell safe enough to tell your partner anything.
6. Don't judge your partner. Feel free to tell them anything – from I scratched the car to fantasies.
7. No knock-down, drag out fights. One or the other stops it before it gets ugly.
8. Date nights, and a real effort despite crazy lives to get out together and be together.
9. Don't ever, ever, threaten the relationship. No saying "if you do that I'm out of here…"
10. Finally try if you can to put your partners needs ahead of your own. If you both do it, then you both get your needs met.
Tune in this week as we explore hormones, libido and staying connected despite no longer being 20.