Ottawa's sexiest couple as part of the new Love and Lipstick radio show

We are looking for Ottawa's sexiest couples!
But sexy is defined as who you are, NOT what you look like.
I dont need pictures, I need descriptions of what makes you sexy.
Have you been together forever and still get butterflies when he/she walks through the door?
Do you take romantic adventures and feel super connected?
Does your partner clean off your car, bring you tea, rub your feet, send love notes in your lunch and do things that make you feel incredibly loved?
Then I want to hear from you!!
I want couples in all age groups, so if you still have 80 year old grandparents who are still "goosing" eachother, then have them write me!
At Love and Lipstick we define the quality of your life as the quality of your relationships. 
Men define themselves by what they do professionally, women by who they are and relationships by how close and connected you feel.
Lets start by defining what is sexy to you.
We will be having contesting as adventures for Ottawa's sexiest couple, so I want to hear from you!Sex with Sue, 99.7 EZ Rock