It's amazing how men keep from pulling out thier penis's in polite company

Impotence I’m often astounded how guys hold it together.  How they don’t spontaneously combust – blow up from a serious lack of sex. The longer I’m a sex therapist, the more I believe that the average guy wants, and needs about 10 times the sex he’s usually getting. Most healthy men, in  a perfect world, would have sex a couple of times a day. These aren’t perverts, these are your husbands, brothers and fathers. Normal guys who think about sex all the time, and have to keep it under control.  It’s a wonder we don’t have any more date rapes, or men pulling it out at inappropriate times. How do they get any work done?  Hell, I know how distracted I am the few times a month when my hormones spike, but to feel that hourly, it must be a form of sweet torture.  I think we should have a national "change your man’s oil day".  Where we get the day off to boff like rabbits. I think it would increase our national productivity rate over the long haul