Those boys have got to have it

The continum of sexual desire.  It ranges from men who aren’t that interested in sex (few, far between, and usually are on anti-depressants, thyroid medication, or have another health issue) to the sexually addicted.

I’m meeting men every week who have to use the bathroom at work to masturbate. Guys, who if they could would have sex five times a day.  I have patients who can’t get out of bed in the morning without ejaculating, and another who jerks off over 7 or 8 times a day. And that was just a sample of last week’s sessions. All the guys who are talking to me, ( and a surprising number who have been sexually exposed or abused as kids) seem to tie sex into their basis self esteem. Men  think about sex the way that I think about chocolate.  It always seems to be calling them. What’s surprising to me, is how well most men handle it. Why we don’t have more date rapes, or more guys being sexually assertive given just how horny they are surprises me.  I guess that’s why the escorts I’m hearing about are doing so well. Most men, can’t seem to turn it off, and are finding some outlet.

So if you are a HAVE TO HAVE IT guy, then you are not alone.  And if you think your guy is doing without it, you are probably wrong.