Happy 85th Birthday Marilyn Munroe.

Marilyn would have been 85 years old today, June 1st. She shares a birthday with my 3 year old niece, and I was reading about in the “if today is your birthday thing in the newspaper.”She’s in the news again this week because of an envelope of negatives some guy in New Jersey bought at a garage sale. It was Marilyn, posing at the beach in a bikini and they may be worth millions. The last thing I bought at a garage sale were french onion so bowl for $2.  I doubt they will leave a legacy for my kids.
Anyway, I was trying to understand the appeal that has only added to the mystique of one of Hollywood’s great sirens. Robert Greens’s book about Seduction talks about the duality of persona’s. He says that when your brand says two things about you, it creates new thinking.
In Marilyn’s case she had both the sex appeal and the little girl innocence about her. It was that combination of ed her or take care of her that made men crazy.  Betty White in her heyday did that combination as well.  I’ m trying to think of current example. Try Lady Gaga. Outrageous, reinventing herself, and sexy.
Monroe is a cult figure and almost a characature of siren. It was a role that didn’t allow her to be authentic. It may have been what cost her her life. But in a recent poll, it turns out ht she wasn’t our favourite screen sex symbol. That honour goes to someone who could always stay in character. Jessica Rabbit from the “Who framed Roger Rabbit” movie.
“It’s really interesting to see that an animated film star topped the list ahead of real-life Hollywood stars like Marilyn herself.”  Below is the list o the top 10 Hollywood sex sirens.  As for Marilyn, the little girl like quality, the class, and the absolute femininity made her unique among generations of starlets. Happy birthday Marilyn.
Top 10:
1. Jessica Rabbit
2. Audrey Hepburn
3. Marilyn Monroe
4. Raquel Welch
5. Ursula Andress
6. Elizabeth Taylor
7. Grace Kelly
8. Rita Hayworth
9. Ingrid Bergman
10. Vivien Leigh