Common sexual fantasies – They may be different than you think

So you have a recurring sexual fantasy that keeps looping through your head about an office coworker? Are you reading trashy “girl porn- harlequin romance bodice rippers” on the way to work and wish one would come true? Or you don’t seem to have any fantasies at all? Do you have “I never believed it would happen to me” Penthouse letters kind of thoughts about the naughty hitchhiker or pizza delivery person?
If you can relate to any of those scenarios it means that you are perfectly normal. The one thing that seems to come out of all the research on fantasies is that there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” when it relates to sexual imagination. You can have the typical threesomes, group sex, or you with a harem roll play going on. Or your fantasies are quiet and almost non-existent. What the research consistently shows is that it is all common place.
But what are the most repeated fantasies?
My husband and I run a course a few times per year called the Suburban Hedonist course about spicing up your relationship and understanding your sexuality. During our discussion of fantasies, we send around cue cards to get a sense of what everyone’s fantasies were. When they are written down anonymously most people are open about their secret musings. Because they are read aloud they may not be quite as kinky as those where you imagine yourself in the bad prison guard costume, but you can see if any of the below list might be something that you find appealing. Real people with real unedited fantasies.
-watching someone masturbate
-outdoor sex, waterfalls, forests
-sexy lingerie
-complete total stranger (no strings attached)
-someone in authority
-airplane sex
-woman in a body suit
-watch my partner with another person
-being tied up
-back of the truck at work
-being unwilling
-orgasm denial/teasing
-oral sex with chocolate or other food
-girl on girl
-high heels
“cleaning service by 2 french maids”
-Foursome with the neighbors
-toga and mazola/vegetable oil
-hot tub/sauna
stranger sex
-blindfolded and restrained
-being spanked
-public building
-cave or at the centre of a maze
-public shower
If you want an appointment to talk about your sexual fantasies consider reaching out to me. Having a safe place to talk about what turns you on may help you process any mild sexual obsession.