The new Duckling social group. The best place for sexy date nights.

duckIt started with a trip to the local dominatrix. It was last year when 50 Shades of Grey was the book on everyone’s night table. Blaik and I were running a “How to keep it hot” course for couples (and some singles). Mistress Shira came to speak to the group about the 50 Shades phenomenon and invited us all to come and see her dungeon. It was eye-opening, fun, and very informative. Then we all went for drinks and munchies and had a chance to talk about the experience. One couple called it “the best date night ever.” Many said they were really pumped about going on more field-trip-date-nights and asked “what was next?”  The Ducklings (Ottawa’s sexy and sassy social group) was born. There are now well over 1000 members on the mailing list and we have evolved into a dynamic collection of kind, social and curious singles and couples that do loads of fun events. It came out of nothing and we are quite literally having the most fun ever. We’ve had a Hoedown, Oktoberfest, a comedy “improv stripper night”, a “cops and robbers” pool party, a boudoir shoot, and a meet and greet that involved identifying songs about sex. And that was just in the last 60 days. You really have to join in if you are single, or if you want to improve the quality of your date nights.
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