50 Shades of Gray. Why the trilogy will change your bedroom habits.

I own a healthy collection of women’s erotica. Ever since I read Nancy Friday’s Forbidden Flowers on a airplane back from Vancouver and literally left a wet spot on the seat behind me, I’ve been hooked. I have everything from Suzie Bright’s American collection to the Ottawa based vampire books by Patricia McCarthy. Like many women, I have a taste for great mommy porn. As I wrote about 50 Shades when I first read it, (see the previous post), it is a smart premise with some hot sex scenes with very mediocre writing. What it says to me is that women of all ages are desperate for some hot sex. We may not all be into porn, but we love a well done sex scene as much as anyone.
There is a great article about the new surveys being done to explain the 50 Shades phenomenon. http://www.confused.com/news-views/infographics/holiday-reading-fifty-shades-effect
The most interesting thing for me was the idea that women would much rather read erotica than to do anything to make their own sex lives hotter. Some women reported that the 50 Shades books had them running for the local sex shop for some Ben Wa balls, or handcuffs. But 43% reading books like 50 Shades made their sex lives seem boring. I’ve got the new list of fun erotic things to do this fall. Check it out, and maybe you’ll have some “Christan Gray evenings of your own.”