Would you have sex with someone 60-70 years younger than you?

Men6  Sex and aging, some cool new information on how to keep boffing until they take you away in a box….

I was reading another fabuluous book call Sexual Nutrition, by Dr. Morton Walker, the prolific naturopath.  Anyway,  he did this research project where he went down to the Andes to southern Equador where he studied the Vilcabambans, a group of over 20 centurians (happy, alert people, well into their hundreds) in a population of less than 4000.  Considering that there are only 117 people in the US in a population of 230 million that lived to be over 100, they had to be doing something right. These old folks were regularly having sex (regularly with people 60-80 years younger) ….I wonder if there is a law about that???  They eve took healthy, active sperm from a man 131 years old!

He discovered that through hair, soil and health analysis, that it was primarily the mineral water they were drinking (spring fed volcanic rock) that kept their pipes clean and kept them vital, vigorous, and with all their faculties into very old age.  Mineral water acts like a pipe cleaner, called chelators.  The primary minerals are solenium, magnesium,  maganese, zinc, chromium, calcium, sodium, potassium, molydenum, vanadium, and lithium.

So, the moral of the story is, drink mineral water, lead a healthy lifestyle, and who knows, maybe you can still be getting it up at 131 years old.