Women, Libido, & body image a 3 week discussion group and workshop

At my heaviest I was almost 400 pounds.

Much of my body changes happened because of an understanding of hormones and how they interact with the body. Hormones that also impact things like energy & sexual desire. Having “walked the walk” I have a great deal of empathy for people struggling to feel sexy. There is nothing worse than getting diet advice & suggestions for improving your sex life from Super models. If you are struggling with desire, or can’t be seen naked by your partner then maybe it’s time to talk to someone who has been there. Zoom links will be sent out. It’s affordable & I won’t give you pat diet suggestion. Let’s talk about how much brain space you are spending worrying about your body, sex, weight & desire.

Let’s get you back into your sexy self. There is a boudoir shoot to help get you comfortable in your skin. I’ve been there. Let me and the rest of the group help.

It starts Wednesday, Oct 28th at 7 pm. Cost is $175 for three sessions. It’s affordable versus individual counseling, and the group discussion can develop community, connection and friendship.  Receipts provided. Etransfer suem@rogers.comfar to join in.