Why Brent Butt may be the quintessential Canadian male. What women want from men.

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BrentWhy Brent Butt may be the quintessential Canadian man
I’m coming late to the Brent Butt fan club. Although Corner Gas was the most successful Canadian show ever made, I was too busy to watch it when it aired in prime time. I only began to appreciate its subtle humour and appealing characters through weekend marathons on The Comedy Network, and the magic of a PVC recorder. I started looking at the leading guy, Brent Butt the 40ish, receding haired comic as an example of why Canadian men can be so sexy. And so clueless.
As a relationship therapist, I spend a good chunk of my days interpreting what I call “hooking up behaviours”. These are the insights and stabs in the dark about what we find appealing about our partners, potential partners and the opposite sex in general. “What do women want?” is a common question in my office. No question that much of why men do things is still as Greek to me as it is most women. However, I do think that what women are looking for is a guy like Brent Butt (or his character Brent Leroy). Not bad boys, or sports Gods, but relaxed, guy next door with charm. I think Canadian men are as a rule low key, fun, and sexy in an understated way. And women like this.  In an interview of Brent Butt I found online he names his appeal as “his coffee shop savvy”.  Think of it as a Timmy’s kind of charm. Down home, addictive, and slightly comforting. So how do you become more like Brent Butt (at least if it works to attract women)?
I call them the SHHHS characteristics of what women are looking for in a partner. The top five qualities that Brent and guys who get it have. These are sane Canadian boys. You know, the guys your mother likes, think that the Canadian National anthem should be changed to the Hockey Night in Canada theme. They  know the etiquette at curling bonspiels, and understand the offside rule in football. And they are:
S- safe. You need to discuss how you are liked by kids and puppies, that you buy girl guide cookies and are in no way, a serial axe murderer.
H- hygiene. You MUST be clean and smell nice. Men’s sexual sense is visual (hence all of the black and red lingerie), but women is all about how you smell. Spotlessly clean and subtle cologne works for most women.
H- Humour. Every survey on what women find attractive always lists sense of humour. Make us laugh, and we are putty in your hands.
H- Humilty. This is about being self deprecating and humble. Don’t talk about the size of your boat, mention how you have two left feet and are lousy at volleyball. The ability to poke fun of yourself is one of most men’s endearing qualities.
S- Story – This characteristic is the ability to carry on a conversation, and more importantly, talk in “girl speak”. Women like stories. We like to hear about your favourite ice cream flavour, how you had a pet dog named after Marvin the Martian, and how you embarrassed yourself at karaoke. In his bio, Brent Butt calls “Coffee shop conversation was a great way to learn comedy and connects. It’s relaxed and conversational and the jokes build naturally without forcing them.”
Brent1So this Valentine’s Day, don’t force the issue. Maybe take a second look at the men in the coffee shop “where there’s not a lot going on” is the way to find that guy who can make you laugh so hard you snort your double double out of your nose.