Why a steady guy makes you less interested in sex

There is new research (at least if you listen to a bunch of Germans from Hamburg. And who has sex in Hamburg?), that once women get a steady guy, and frequency of sex starts a slow, but steady decent. Sound like your sex drive? It turns out that once a woman is secure in her relationship, she would rather read romance novels, and eat chocolate (maybe that’s just me projecting about what I want to do if I can’t have sex), than boff wildly. Actually, there is very little I would rather do tha boff wildly, but I’m off topic again. In the German research, which polled a large sample, showed that  less than half of 30-year-old women wanted regular sex after they had shacked up.
Conversely, the team found a man’s libido remained the same regardless of how long he had been in a relationship. Big surprising news there. We were out at the comedy club a few weeks ago, and the comedian was going on about “how much time women spent looking good for men, and worrying about magazine articles that said that if you don’t look a certain way you’ll never get laid.” He said “women shouldn‘t bother worrying about that, as most men would fuck their sofa cushions”.
So I’m doing some research of my own. Not about how many men would actually fuck their sofa cushions, but what women can do to keep ourselves so horny that the guys can’t keep up with us. “Do me now, baby”, instead of “I’ve got a headache”. So I’m researching any and all aphrodisiacs (pass the green M & M’s), looking into drugs, and how much relationship stuff affects our urge to nest, rather than get naked. If you have anything that works for you, by all means drop me a line at sue@sexwithsue.com.  Otherwise, as my new fridge magnet says,” I’m saving myself for my second marriage – or at least until the next full moon.