The 50 sexual things you should do before you are too old to actually do them

Adventures I’ve been bantering aound the definative list of sexual adventures one should try before they die.  I was reading an article in Men’s Health magazine that sited a British study saying that men over 70 who, in looking back at over their lives regretted things they didn’t do, rather than things they did. Not changing jobs, not taking personal chances, and not getting enough, and varied sexual experiences topped the list of lifetime regrets.

This coupled with catching sight of the book title of the 50 places you need to go and see before you die had me thinking of "the list".  You know, the one that hangs on the inside of your medicine cabinet near the expired condoms that outlines the sexual potpourri of stuff that you could do to keep up with the Jones before they take you away in a box.  So what would be on your list? Sex in an elevator?  On a chair lift?  With a guy that looks like big Joe Green? All women orgy?

Of course it’s doesn’t have as many absolutes like seeing the pyramids, or kissing on the top of the Eiffel Tower, but a snogging list might include sex in an apres ski chalet, playing the border guard and smuggler -complete with strip search, or playing theexotic dancer – complete with pole dance.  Having had a reasonably good run of it, my fantasies are becoming tamer, rather than wilder. Sex outside in a  variety of places is of interest, seeing how many times I could physically have sex in a 24 hour period is another of mine, being massaged by three or four men at once – yep, they all appeal. But would I do them? Sure, if the opportunity presented itself. But would I rather see the pyramids, or kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Tough call…