The Case of the gigantic testicles

Testicles2 As a sex therapist I’ve seen, heard, and documented a few interesting things.  Other people’s sex lives really are fascinating conversation. But every now and then I come up with something that leaves me gobstopped. Floored, and taken completely by surprise.

A new patient, attractive man in his early 40’s came to see me for erectile dysfunction. This was a while ago, and I’ve had a few of these, so any resemblance to an actual patient has been obscured to protect the inocent.

Anyway, I went through the obvious questions, smoking, drinking, medication, diabetes, high blood pressure, chloresterol etc. No to all of the above. Fit, but without a partner, and had been having difficulties getting it up for awhile.  Psychologically, and emotionally he seemed normal, and the only thing that seemed out of whack was that he hadn’t had a physical for years.  In fact he hadn’t ben to a doctor in decades. I was at a bit of a loss until he shifted slightly in his seat. It was then, that it looked like he had a pillow between his legs of his very baggy pants.  Huston, we have a problem.

After a OH MY GOD flash of his boxer clad testicles, I understood that we had a very serious untreated hernia to deal with. His scrotum was so filled with fluid that hung down his leg approaching his knees.  It was a wonder this guy could walk. And he had been dealing with this for over a year!!!!!!  A hernia is when your intestines start poking through the abdominal muscle and get pinched off and can’t get back.  It usually requires surgery.

Anyway, there was a very obvious reason why he couldn’t acheive an erection. It turns out that over 10% of men have low abdominal hernia’s that may be undiagnosed. Left untreated, it can cause serious problems (see above) and leave Mr. Happy twisting in the wind.

So the moral of the story kids, is that if something hurts "down there" – even if you are a super macho guy, go see your doctor.  Remember the sex therapists mantra – ‘use it or lose it" and in this case, if your testicles look like they are about to give birth, there may be something wrong.