Don't mind me, I'm just having an orgasm

It’s funny how sex is everywhere if you know where to look.  Just back from a trip to Florida (3 days at Disney, a little sand, water, and palm trees and back to snow) sigh… Anyway I was sitting behind a couple of honeymooners who had a blanket across thier laps, and I’m sure did a little stroke and tickle at 30,000 feet.  Not quite the ass inthe sink in the washroom as a mile high experience, but fun nonetheless.

My friend, let’s call her Becky, was telling me how she used to reach orgasm all afternoon inthe University library while studying for her exams. She said the desk tops in a certain private back section of the McGill library were just the right height for rubbing against, and she used to reward herself whenever she finished a section of studying. I had another friend who claimed that her heel under her hips in her rocking chair at her parents house, always sent her over the edge.  All I have is a bunch of vibrators under my desk.  That reminds me, maybe it’s time to end this blog early. hmmmm

Let’s all celebrate out own private orgasms.