Sex and escorts on the internet. Why Craig's List and facebook are the new wild west of the sex trade

It’s interesting how fast sex changes. When I started as a sex therapist on the radio 15 years ago, I had to edit every second word.Now there are show’s on major networks showing G spot orgasms and squirting in almost prime time. Now with rub and tugs (or jack shacks as they call them in the southern US) everywhere and the Canadian prostitution law having been thrown out, sex for money seems to be everywhere. I was reading about offers on Craig’s List, on Kijiji in carefully couched language, Ashley Madison, and now on facebook. So now not only can you re-connect with an old flame from High School you can see if the woman voted “most likely to do the football team” actually turned it into a profession.
A recent sting in the US snagged a number of women on solicitation charges. Says the New York Times:
“Craigslist has become the high-tech 42nd Street, where much of the solicitation takes place now,” said Richard McGuire, Nassau’s assistant chief of detectives. “Technology has worked its way into every profession, including the oldest.”
Now as sex is always interesting and knowing that if you needed it- an emergency blow job is only as far as the back pages of the sun or one of the hundred million facebook pages out there. As one of my patients so eloquently put it “when the need strikes you have three choices. Porn, partner or the lure of of someone new for the low price of $60 for a hand job.”
And with men completely attracted to “newness”, the simplicity, ease and safety of getting sex for money with a parade of new women has never been more accessible.
I’m watching the trend with interest because I think sex has a real pulse on cultures. It’s such a need and is changing so quickly. Subscribe as I do some interviews with some of the most articulate madams around.