Patti's cleavage

Cleavage1 My friend Patti has this cool new blackberry.  More bells and whistles than mine, (can you tell I’m envious) and she has a camera that allows her to take pictures she can email immediately.  She told a group of us tonight (and gave me permission to tell the world) that she when she was feeling playful last week as she was sitting sending emails over a coffee, she took a picture of her boobs to send to her husband. You can guess the rest.  The email went askew and he didn’t receive the cleavage shot in question.  His loss is someone else’s gain. It is floating somewhere in cyberspace, and she isn’t sure if one of her business contacts got the breastmail by mistake.  Her new blackberry doesn’t list her sent messages so she has no idea where it went. giggle.  The gaggle of women hearing this story did some serious snickering at her cyber misfortune.

So on behalf of Patti, if you happen to receive a viral email with pictures of her abundant chest, please return to sender. grin.