Men's Group and Scotch tasting. Why you should send your guy (or join) a men's group

I was asked recently to explain why men’s group was worth the money. It’s inexpensive ($25 a week for friendship, support, relevant and real information), friends, and scotch) but the group is always greater than the sum of it’s parts. It’s a safe place to be a guy and get mentored and helped by other men of all ages. Why it’s worth the money is that it can be life changing.
It’s especially good for people who are exploring new aspects of their sexuality or starting to dip a toe in ethical non-monogamy.
Open relationships with guidance, ethical non-monogamy can be wonderful. However, a worst case outcome is that you lose your marriage. Our members have stepped on all kinds of land mines in their journeys. They openly share the pain, the solutions and knowledge that cannot be acquired anywhere else. Combined with friendship and a shoulder to lean on, the group is indispensable. If this is your path, men’s group is the most significant resource that can be purchased.
There are men in the group simply trying to understand women, date, up their social, image and sexual skills and everyone there speaks the language.
It runs regularly but it’s about to start again for eight weeks. Tuesdays (starting Jun 16th, 2020 both in person in Westboro or virtually). Send the $200 either below or by etransfer to It’s run by Blaik Spratt and he’s spectacular. I can’t recommend it enough.