Foot Fetishes. Why loving your partners feet is incredibly erotic

I just had my spring pedicure. My toes are currently painted a fetching shade called “slut red”. Subtle they are not. It turns out that as we start shedding the winter socks and start wiggling our pink piggies in strappy sandals you can more often than not catch attractive guys checking out your feet. You may think it’s a new thing but after a little cleavage, a great booty, and a fantastic pair of legs, men polled recently by Cosmo said their next favorite female body part is a sexy pair of feet. Does that mean that they have a foot fetish?
It turns out that 47% of men like feet. A lot.
A foot fetish is, basically, a sexual interest in feet — more so than other parts of the body — taking special notice to feet (toes, soles, shoes, toenails) and involves an array of activities involving rubbing, sucking, licking, dressing, manicuring, massaging, kissing and caressing for sexual stimulation.
Sex counselor and author of She Comes First, Ian Kerner, says a lot of people are aroused by feet and enjoy incorporating foot-play into sex-play, but they’re not solely aroused by the foot, as would be the case with a fetish.
I tell my patients that fetishes often develop in early adolescence when you first become aroused and determine a preference.
It shouldn’t surprise anyone that men look at feet. With more shoe stores than food stores in any given shopping center, most women spend an inordinate amount of time making our feet look pretty. If we spend time on our hair, we want you to look. The same goes for our feet.
So as the weather warms up and we head into spring with a plenary of freed toes take a minute to admire the ones in your vicinity. And think about something creative to do with your sweetie’s feet the next time you are doing the horizontal mambo.