Are the sexiest people really the lousiest in bed?

PeakThere is a quote this morning from 51 year old Kim Cattrall. Now I think Kim is cool. She's a Canadian girl who did a book about sex, she played the maneater Samatha on Sex in the City (complete with an amazing wardrobe), and says that sex is getting better as she ages.

She tells Britain's Cosmopolitanmagazine, "Everyone expects great-looking guys and beautiful women to be having great sex. That's not true. I always had a sexy image on camera, but I wasn't having a fabulous sex life.

"Why? Because you can't be intimate with an image. Similarly, I remember going to bed with a really good-looking ladies' man, in the hope he'd teach me what I'd been missing. He didn't."

I thought about that a bit, and know for sure that great sexual abilities are not bestowed on the beautiful. Thank God, or we would have to hate them more. What is sexy is confidence, and individuals who are in love and hot for each other. I say in my Quivering Jello book, that when interviewing women about orgasms, the best sex is messy. Not being afraid to screw up your face, bodily fluids, strange noises, hair-in-your-mouth, arched back and belly jiggling, that- in my opinion- constitutes good sex.

So you want to pick out who would be hottest in bed? Watch women dancing. The one who looks good shuffling around isn't who you are looking for. You want the crazy dancer, flailing around, who is not afraid to express herself on the dance floor. Chances are, she won't be afraid to "jump inthe saddle" and try the somewhat kinky things, or not worry about messing up her hair. Those are the women you want to sleep with.