When misinformation is used for a political agenda

I’m a big fan of Garth Turner’s blog about being a Canadian Member of Parliament. Strong writing is great anytime, and he’s a very cool, and articulate member of the House(well worth reading). Now kicked out of the Conservative caucus for telling his truth he’s  now independent MP, and something that I had read about in his blog happened to cross my desk as well. Garth_turner

I had received the booklet from a safe sex group in Toronto written by street kids telling other street kids the straight (or bi) skinny on street sex safety.  Graphic, but very clear, and I loved it.  Then I read Garth’s post on October 2, discussing how he had received outraged comments about this book from a constituent because the booklet had been misused as propoganda by a television evangelist.   read it for yourself

When I started on air in 1993 as a sex therapist, I had my share of complaints, and criticisms from individuals for talking openly about sex.  I hosted a group from a religious group for tea at the station and we discussed my very Christian background and about how half my family were missionaries, and my study of Theology.  I am still an elder in my church and attend weekly. I went on to discuss how you can be Christian and still tolerant, open, sexy, blatent, safe, kind, and downright graphic about sex – at least in my opinion. I think God would want people to be more safe, and every study since the dawn of time says that sex education prevents unwanted pregnancies, (just like drivers education prevents accidents) and STI’s,  and talking about sex in a language the audience understands still works. Thanks Garth for pointing out that there are still people using misinformation and both other people’s bodies and their fear of sex to move forward their own agenda.