sex, exercise and weightloss

Cabdy So I binged on Halloween candy – again. I had been doing so well, but October has my weight up, not down and I am having difficulty fighting the lure of chocolate. Between Thanksgiving and Halloween , I seem to be surrounded. Sex and chocolate, my two favourite addictions –  so I thought I would look into how much sex I would have to have to burn off the calories from all those Hershey’s Kisses (a whopping 25 calorie per little, delicious chocolate morsel.)  So if I had sex for a half hour (20 minutes of foreplay, and 10 minutes of intercourse) I would burn 108 calories – or roughly 4 kisses. Considering I usually gobble a bag of the damn things, I need to spend the rest of the month on my back. Have a look at the website that will calculate how many calories you burn for each activity.  I found it discouraging, but maybe it will help keep you on the straight and narrow as well. intake versus output
If straight sex won’t do it, try this Great American Sex Diet, or bedrrom workout- lifting weights with your partner in between rounds of shagging. Maybe I can combine both?Sex_and_exercise_1