The Pervy Book Club! Join us!

Hey all!

There are lots of regular book clubs & they are great. But we need a pervy, erotic, sensuous club! This is NOT your Mother’s book club.

We are going to give this a try a new, FREE book club of smutty books! I’ll provide you the books.I hope it develops a life of its own. 

For right now let’s just build community in the winter months over ZOOM. We can meet in person in the warmer weather. 

First night is 7 pm, Feb 5th. Let’s give it a try!

Here is the first book. It’s called “The House of Holes”. Send me a note and I’ll forward you the information.

“ Find yourself in the fantasy world of sexual desires in House of Holes. Imagine reading a sinful and erotic Alice in Wonderland, this book is about how ordinary people get sucked into an alternate world from their drinking straws or the dryers in laundromats.”