The 12 days of the best sexy Christmas ideas for your sweetie.

This sexy Christmas list started because every year my brother would call me in a panic a couple of days before Christmas. He had no idea what to get my sister-in-law that was personal and intimate. He expected me to know what was hot in the area of sensuous and romantic gifts each holiday season. My bro knew he would be in the doghouse if there wasn’t at least one thing that said sexy and “I love you” under the tree. And then he wanted me to acquire it, wrap it and get it to him before the 24th.
It turns out my sibling is not the only one needing a list of flirty items for a sweetie for the holidays. This is my fifth annual list of the best and brightest in romance items that you might want to make sure ends up being delivered to good but naughty boys and girls.
1) Lelo- It’s Swedish for OMG. The brand has lots of no nonsense engineering and delivers consistent quality in their toys. They aren’t cheap but they are rechargeable and made with high quality silicone. One of my favourites right now is the Ora which actually emulates oral sex. I kid you not. I also love the new Luna Smart Bead that has a computer chip inside that is designed to measures your orgasm-potential and sets a routine that’s specific for you. I found that the patients of mine who tried it had a much more powerful orgasm.
2) The new 50 shades of Grey beaded blindfold. You can use his necktie, or a cashmere scarf around your eyes as a makeshift blindfold, but the new 50 Shades of Grey kits are out for the holidays. You can pretend to be the book heroine Anastasia Steele and have your sensory deprivation done with utmost elegance. There are blindfolds that range from $10 to $200, and they really are a step up from the plaid scarf you have lying around. The 50 Shades kit tends to hover around the $60 mark. With this beaded blindfolded and a little bit of silk rope, you’ll be living the story that had women around the world moaning.
3) Speaking of 50 Shades, I love the very gentle deerskin and leather floggers made by the Montreal based Artisan Whip maker Ms. V. The floggers make that lovely thwack sound but don’t really hurt- even with a serious backswing. They are well made, weighted, and very interesting. Check them out at
4) We Vibe- Standard Innovation, the maker of the We Vibe, is the Ottawa company who put Canada on the map when it comes to sex toys. The We Vibe line has been consistently pioneering new technology. They established themselves with the classic “C” shaped couples’ toy but I love their Tango vibrator. The Tango is small, finger shaped, rechargeable, and versatile and I think it’s the best product for people looking for a first toy. It fits in my lipstick container. Just saying….
5) Pantygram. When a greeting card just won’t do, tell your guy how you really feel about him with a Pantygram. Imagine his face when he opens up a black envelope to find an anonymous pair of heart-shaped red panties inside! ($24.95 at I think they are a riot. If you want to do 12 sexy days of Christmas it can start with a holiday message that will capture his imagination.
6) The Booty Parlour chocolate cinnamon massage candle. It smells a bit like Christmas. Actually it smells fantastic. The candle melts the wax which doubles as massage oil that you drizzle on your partner. You get the added benefit of giving them a bit of a jolt when you pour warm oil all over a willing body. It’s the all in one thing you need to pack if you are doing a night at a hotel this holiday.
7)Fun Factory – Is a playful German line that is known for its durability. They have a few new creations that are called smart toys. The high tech toy called STRONIC EINS may be my new best friend. It thrusts and pulsates instead of vibrates. That’s great for women who get desensitized easily, or who want something completely different.
8) The new Temptress style cut out lace corset in pink and black from Victoria Secret is elegant, slimming and will turn any woman into a stone, cold fox. It is a great style from Victoria Secret and unlike some of their lingerie, it actually looks like it could hold up a real pair of boobs. How refreshing. I also like the collection of padded, butt enhancing underwear for men from Fresh pair. It makes your ass your best feature and almost screams out to be pinched.
9) The Intensity vibrator by Pour Moi touts itself as the toy for pelvic health and wellness. It’s been out for a couple of years now and it is the only toy that I can’t leave home without. It not only has the typical clitoral stimulator, but it has what I call “shocker pads” that run a current through the large muscles of the vagina which causes contractions. Pelvic floor muscles contract during orgasm, and the stronger the contraction, the more intense the orgasm. It exercises while it pleases. It runs over $200 but for the girl who has everything this holiday, it is worth checking out.
10) The Nice Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty is a try-this-at-home sexy talk script that you can use on your partner for a little aural sex. You can fill in the blanks with your individual preferences and make the scenario very personal. I like the confidence-boosting exercises as they teach you how to be playful and use your words in a very creative way.
11) While Cards against Humanity may be the popular game this holiday for time spent with irreverent friends, my favorite game for a romantic partner is the Sexy Truth or Dare pick up sticks. They are meant to be pulled one at a time. One side reveals a sexy truth, and the other a naughty dare. They are simple, fun and creative. A great stocking stuffer.
12) Finally, for something completely different have a look at the new Hello Touch by Jimmy Jane. This toy is really quite revolutionary. The toy is simply feather-light vibrating pads that attach to your fingertips. The pads also attach to a small wrist motor. That means that simply a light touch can cause an orgasm. This is a versatile toy because men find it very interesting as well.
So which one of the colourful new toys should you be asking for from Santa? I think you should have all of them, but I’m greedy.
So forget the five golden rings and encourage your stocking to be filled with gifts that really give. I promise that you’ll ring in the New Year with a smile on your face.