Sex Drive, sugar cravings, hormones and blood PH

Cravings I struggle to resist the call of chocolate on a daily basis. Most days it is a continuous battle (during the PMS days I generally lose the war). It has only been through an understanding of my hormones (as it relates to sexual desire) in both myself and my patients that allowed me to pull through of the crazy spiral of hormonal fluctuations. I was at Walmart last week and standing in front of the dark chocolate choosing my particular poison. I looked around and saw five other women doing the same thing. We all hear the  call of mood management. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are documenting what women have always understood innately.

Chocolate puts us in the mood.

I tell men that the two greatest pantieremovers out there are red wine and dark chocolate. They bump up our dopamine levels move the serotonin to where it needs to be. It also affects our blood PH and starts cranking up the furnace. Unfortunately, those medicinal  time's start the cravings as we become more acidic. And so the cycle begins again.  And men wonder why we get crazy. I'm learning a great deal more about how our body PH can affect cravings, sex drive and mood.  Hormones

Here is my understanding of it in a nutshell.

Your blood is naturally a PH of 7.3. An optimum range is between 6.2 and 7.4 depending on the time of day. You can test it by licking or peeing on the little PH strips they sell at the health store for about $12. My kids always get a kick out of watching the paper go from orange to yellow to green or purple.  You need a balance of alkaline and acid foods (usually 75% alkaline and 25% acid). If you are too acidic it causes you to get agitated, your energy is good, but it causes a "burn out" as aging is accelerated and minerals from your bones are leeched out to "cool the fire". It is then that you may be craving sugar.

If you are too alkaosis (between 7.5 and 8) you may be sluggish and lumpy.  Dramatically fluctuating PH level results in mood swings and the "crazy" hormonal behavior  women (and those who love them) understand.

So, here is what I do to manage the acidic levels. I drink  a teaspoon of chlorophyll (green plant juice) or lemon juice (it may seem acidic but the body processes it as an alkaline food), and take a couple more Omega 3 fish oil capsules. It keeps me feeling sexy, manages my blood sugar and keeps those happy feelings flowing. I'm up to 8 or so Omega 3's (along with megamagnesium, and Vitamin B6), and some dark chocolate daily to keep my moods level, the weight under control, and my sex drive exactly where I want it. High.,,