School of Sex on non-monogamy followed by a Zumba dance class and then burlesque

SEPT 29 in Ottawa starting at 3:30 41 Rosemount Ave

We are trying something different with our sex skills school. We know there is a need for continuous information. We want to do weekly 45 minute classes rather than a two hour presentation. First week is the art of the erotic touch and massage. THIS WEEK IS EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT NON_MONOGAMY!

Examples of non-monogamy can be:
~Two couples connecting with each other (quad)
~Heterosexual couple Bringing in an extra male (hot wife)
~Swing clubs where everything from gentle touching on the dance floor to full blown orgies (and everything in between) happens
~Polyamorous. Means to love more than one person. But can be someone who is married and has a girlfriend/boyfriend or more.
~Alternative relationships in all kinds of ways. Asexual while one partner has other sexual interactions, monogamous but in different cities.
~Friend with benefits for an occasional hook up

We have booked the hall for five weeks ( Sept 29, Oct 27, Nov 3rd) for five different School of Sex techniques (everything on best hand jobs, the advanced art of oral sex, talking dirty etc).
We will have a chance to get the best information, research and ideas in a safe way. You can always sit at the back of the room but everyone can get better in bed. Up your sex IQ.

And then we throw in an exercise class followed by a 30 minute mingle. So it’s a sex class, exercise class, and a chance to mingle afterwards!
Everyone needs to increase their hip mobility, pelvic tilts, keegals and other sex muscles. Let’s dress in the skankiest workout clothes, throw on the music and have Carla the certified Zumba instructor lead us through a fun workout targeting our sex muscles. We need to be bendy and put those ankles behind our ears.

And then we have Kopy Kat teaching us burlesque! It’s co-ed and super sexy. All you need is your workout clothes and let’s start walking tall and strutting our stuff.

Bring your workout clothes (there is a place to change)
The cost is $30 for all three School of Sex, Zumba or burlesque! Or $20 for any one class. Be a rock star in the bedroom and strengthen those boffing bits! See you then!
Only some of our members are on meetups. The rest are on our newsletter (make sure you are getting the pictures from us every week and in the private facebook group.

Rosemount Orange Hall Sept 29 starting at 3:30. $30 for all three classes. 41 Rosemount Ave