Why you (or a man in your life) needs a Men's group

I make sure I’m out Tuesday night. It’s the Men’s group and scotch tasting in my house (run by my husband Blaik) and it’s full of hot men talking about women and finding their own masculine process. Apparently much of it is done through laughter, soul searching, and no-bullshit direct feedback.
It’s been magic to watch. When I come home even 30 minutes after the three hour evening has ended there is still half the group hanging out and finishing discussions. I feel like the kid sister and while the guys are polite, they really want to talk to each other. And I don’t have a penis.
They have covered topics such as;
-What is sexy
-How to communicate with women (and each other)
-Models of relationships. Poly, multiple loves and juggling partners
-How to get out of the friend zone
-Being your authentic self
-What women wish men would know
-The target of being a stand up guy
-Men chase, women choose. The science of love
-Upping your man game
-Your image and identity
-Toxic masculinity and mutual respect
and more….
It turns out there are a few studies that say that joining a men’s group is one of the the top 5 things men can do for their health and longevity. Finding friends that get it and allowing yourself to be heard is invaluable. The men are all ages, and everyone has a story.
Here is the recent list from the Good Men’s Project about what you get out of a men’s group.
Here are 6 reasons why you must join a Men’s Group today:
You can’t see your own blind spots
The masculine grows through challenge and feedback
Support when times get tough
Find like-minded friends
Improves Intimate relationships. Understand Women
Loneliness is dangerous
If you are a man who lives in Ottawa and are around on a Tuesday night consider joining the men’s group and scotch tasting. You don’t have to drink scotch but you do have to want to join in to the coolest group around. Send Blaik an email at bdspratt@gmail.com. $25 a week (4 week minimum). It’s friends, scotch, fun, stories, community, therapy and a night to just be yourself. Be the man you want to be. And the women in your life will love you for it.