Premature Ejaculation- Let's fix it together!

I promised on tonight’s Love and Romance show to offer a few solutions to Premature Ejaculation.  In my experience, there are 12 concrete solutions for fixing the problem.  I’m going to do the 12 days of PE, my true love said to me, “Don’t be so quick”….Here’s what to do…..(sing along with me in your head or out loud if you want the people at the next cubicle to really get into it)  Check this site out tomorrow and I’ll attach an audio file of me actually singing this.  American Idol wanna be I’m not, but it should be memorable.
1. On the first day of therapy Sue McGarvie said to me, do 100 Keegals.
2. On the second day of therapy the sex therapist said to me  “Try china brush” (a herbal application that delay’s things)
3. On the third day of therapy my sex therapist said to me”feel for your defrens”  (the squeeze technique where you put pressure and squeeze at the base of the penis where it joins the body.)
4.  On the fourth day of therapy my sex therapist said to me “masturbate differently”.
5. “Pull down your testicles…”
Listen for the song and the PDF that outlines the rest of the steps tomorrow.  I’m beat and heading for bed after a long night of prepping for the show.  Glad to also note (especially for my friends from Toronto) that the Sens won the first round of the playoffs.
If you want to fix PE for good I have a $75 special that includes the $30 download and 35 minutes of personal coaching. It’s like sports coaching only sexier and with less yelling. Book an appointment here.